Een astronomische renaissance tafelklok

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Een astronomische renaissance tafelklok
circa 1610
Hoogte: 34,5 cm Breedte: 22,5 cm Diepte: 16,5 cm

An astronomical Renaissance table clock
c. 1610
The firegilt brass case with turned corner pillars, pierced and engraved dome hiding two bells within a baluster gallery, surmounted by obelisk finials to the corners and vase-shaped finials to the other top parts, placed on a moulded and engraved foot with the Augsburg coat of arms; the front side with Roman twelve hour and an Arabic 24-hour chapter rings, saintís days for six months, signs of the zodiac, times of sunrise, sun and moon rise/set. The rear side showing a planisphere astrolabe, four subsidiary dials to the corners: strike/non strike, regulation and day-of-the-week indication, the additional one for symmetryís sake; the side with hour strike and quarter strike dials.

Movement: Massive firegilt brass movement, partly iron, three trains in mint condition; going train with spring barrel and gut fusee, balance (restored) and hogís bristle regulation; hour and quarter striking trains with spring barrels and count wheels, two bells; separate alarm mechanism with spring barrel.

Height: 34,5 cm Width: 22,5 cm Depth: 16,5 cm

 Een astronomische renaissance tafelklok 
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